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Buffalo, New York

 In Quebec City they took pride in their 400 year old heritage and created the largest video projection ever attempted in the world. Where? On the side of the huge Bunge Grain Elevator on their waterfront. This is just one of many things that could be done here. Buffalonians in my opinion think too small. This Projection on the Bunge Grain Elevator in Quebec City told the 400 year history of Quebec City, no words, just sound and images. See what a little pride in ones heritage and industrial architecture can do.  We have so much history in Buffalo and so little respect or pride in it. So many tourism dollars are lost because of Buffalo's lack of imagination and courage to step up and do something different for a change, like Quebec did.

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The Making of The Image Mill
The Image Mill

​​If you don't do something different than anybody else, you just come and go, don't ya?
                               Arthur Peterson
Silo House
Globe Mills, Sacramento California
Silo-Point, Baltimore
Re-using Our Industrial Heritage
Get Back Inc.

"Made in the U.S.A. " is more than just a stamp on a product label, it's a mission - our mission.